Click OCR activity is not working as expected in Cirtix Environment

Hi All,

I have Click OCR event in my UiPath project. I have to click the date dynamically based on certain rule.

Now I supposed to click 8, wherein the Click OCR activity clicks 28. I hope it clicks diagonally from top left corner.
(Below is the screenshot)

Can anyone help to resolve this?

Try to specify the element using the UI Explorer. Click on the element from UIExplorer, it then generates the attribute for the clicked number. Try specifying that attribute in ur selector,. I am not sure if this works, but it replaces the index with the specific attribute and hence increases the accuracy.

Below, I have clicked on date 22 and selected that attribute which adds up in the selector xml.

Below is the selector of my click OCR activity which has idx=‘35’. Replace it with the above got attribute -

Hope it helps!

Sometimes there could be dynamic idx values on a webpage and your calender might not work.

Fine tune your selectors and try to inject the selector with desired aaname value for a click event

<webctrl aaname='"+dateVal+"' parentid='ui-datepicker-div' tag='A' />

Hi @Vinutha and @vvaidya,

Sorry I missed to mention that this is in Citrix Environment. So there is no selector.

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