Click not working properly

Hey there!

I’m Kind of new in here. I have looked for more post about this subject, And I find multiples of those, but is not working fine for me…

I have multiples clicks on a specific website, but in my case this web site is kind of “Weird” and the clicks are hard to select from UI path, and maybe only the 20% of the tries, works for me.

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Hey @Juan_Camilo_Sierra

Is there any specific reason for using the offset please ?


No, I’m just trying to find the best way to get the click, so I was just looking for options like the offset

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Are you trying to do this in a web app ?


Yes, I’m Trying to upload a video but I can’t.

This is how the web app looks “Informe de Siembra” is where I want to click. But it doesn´t works

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Can you try removing the Offset and enabling “SimulateClick” property?
If it doesn’t work, please share a screenshot of the menu to click after highlighting the area using UIExplorer

I’m Trying to take that screenshot, but the menu hides after I click de main dropdown

This is the result after I click the main Button that deploys de dropdown.

But after that I have to click or haver other option, and finally Click on “Informe de Siembra”

One more way to perform the menu navigation using hot keys. After clicking on the main menu, identify the correct key strokes to navigate to the final menu item and use the same key strokes in “Send Hot Key” activity to execute the menu


Use Check app state activity and wait for the drop down to be appear and use click inside the activity.