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Hi. I have some enquiry on click action. If i want to click on a specific position on a website, what is the best way to do it. For instance, the item is currently unavailable and i want to click it once it is available. is it possible to click at a specific position without considering the button shape or wordings.

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There’s a check state activity where you could set that if the needed object became visible it gets clicked and also set the activity if it is not visible.

thank you for your reply.

Hi @Afiqnity

You can try with On Element appear


@Sudharsan_AIT is correct.

Another option from my side would be to use a loop together with an element exist activity.


thanks for the response. sorry i am new, is it normal the application such as browser to close upon completing the command. is there any solution tu avoid it from closing.

Hi @Afiqnity

There is a property in the the use Application/Browser Activity that tackles that.

It is the Close Option. Click Never if you dont want it to be closed.

thank you :grinning:

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