Click latest link on web-page

My bot requires to download the latest version of a file, I have it running correctly up to the point where it downloads the latest monthly file (layout like below)


At the moment my bot clicks April as I implemented the step before the May link was put up. But now I require my bot to select May upon running, then June next month and so on.

I have researched on ways to do this and can’t seem to find an answer I can interpret for my own solution.

Many thanks


Try below approach:

In selector of click activity, replace ‘April’ with '*CurrentMonth *, this will make selector dynamic and bot will always click on link of current month.

Please let me know if any more info needed.


Is this what you meant?


Does not seem to pick up for me.

This is the link I am working with

Hi @dwalker,

Can you send you original selector? This might be on of the rare times to use an index in your selector. As in to say always pick the first item on the list.


This is the webpage I am working with

As you can see the links are by month. Thanks!