Click 'LABEL' contains retrieval



Hi all

I am new here.

I have another question on the programming part. I have a label (see attachment) as “What was the name of your best friend at school? *”, i need to check what is this label on the web so it will key in the answer accordingly. The label will change when the website reload again. How do i capture the sentence on the label then i can key in the answer according to the security question? What function i can use?


Apply screen scraping (Get Text or Get Visible Text) on the element containing the label.
As a rule of thumb you should watch and try the first 11 videos here and after come with questions :slight_smile:


Hi @tshinming

As @badita said first you should get familiar with UIpath activities. so Please watch those videos first :slight_smile:

what other i can advice is to get familiar with all Activities try with every activities and its properties and on hover on each activities and as well properties you will get some idea about that Activity and Properties .

Happy Learning with Uipath :slight_smile:

Note - For your problem you can use “Get Text:” Activity to get that labled text data and after its output pass that into with type Into activity.