Click issue on desktop application

There is desktop application which is neither taking click activity nor arrow keys.
So i used click text and same is working fine if i am passing one single string variable but i need to click by passing multiple variables .
How can i click by checking full row on the basis of multiple variable condition and not on the basis of single variable(ABCD or TEST1234).

For eg - Screen contains
|ABCD| TEST1234 |400 |ok|
|ABCD| TEST1234 |500 |not ok|
|XYZ| TEST121| 600 |ok|

and I want to click on the value which contains ABCD, amount as 400 and ok value

@Purvai_Marwaha Can you provide us with the Screenshot of Selector of the row which you want to Click? Please make sure to use UI Explorer. Also let us know the row position of that particular row and If possible Can you also let us know what type of an application you are working on ?

Its not taking the UIELEMENT uniquely …Selectors are not working that’s why using click text activity

@Purvai_Marwaha So the Selector in the Click Text Activity is not populated ? Can you confirm on that ?