Click in different pictures for loop process



I made a loop process in which I take some informations in an excel form that I search on a website.
During the process I have to click on a picture but when my loop process go on the second line of the excel form, the new image that I have to click is different from the first one and so the “click” doesn’t work because it can’t recognize the image.

How can I use the “click function” to fix it?


Hi @Ste,

Could you please get us the selectors of both clicks using UiExplorer manually.
or use wildcard * to the part of the selector which is dynamic

Vikas Reddy


Here is the click on the loop process


The thing is,

How can I make a click on a zone with an image but for every loop, the image will be different so I just want the process to click but without paying attention of the image (I don’t know if it’s clear, english isn’t my native language sorry)