Click Image question

Hi I have an image1, image2 and image3 in a window. Image1 and Image2 are similar. I need to click Image3. How can I do this? Thank you so much,

Hi @A_Learner

It is possible by using click activity. If you want to use this follow the below steps,
→ Take an assign activity and create a integer datatype variable called Count and initialize value as 1.

- Assign -> Count = 1

→ Use the For each Ui element activity and indicate on the Image1 it will automatically highlight all the three images. Output is CurrentElement.
→ Inside for each Ui element activity insert the If activity to check the condition

- Condition -> Count = 3

→ Inside If condition insert the click activity and pass the CurrentElement to the Input element option in properties.
→ Outside of If condition take an assign activity and insert assign activity to increment the Count.

- Assign -> Count = Count+1

For each Ui element iterates through each image and if condition validates then it will click on the Image3.

Hope it helps!!