CLick image not working: Windows application(Studio)

please refer the above image, i want to click particular ui element on a windows application. the click activity doesn’t seem to work as the address(IDX value is dynamic everytime ) without the idx the click activity doesn’t seem to validate.

so i have used click image for clicking the particular element, even that is throwing an error saying there is no image detected.

Hi @Manoj_sreekanth ,

Image automation should be used only if no other methods works.

In case of selector always try to avoid using idx , by adding more parameters in selectors like aaname, innertext, parentid(if nothing else is there) etc.
Also if the application you working on is a legacy , you can try changing the type of Ui Frameworks to Active Accessibility and then try creating or generating the selector.

If you are still not getting the selector, and need to use image automation, try reducing the image accuracy


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Hi @Manoj_sreekanth try with

  1. click text
  2. click ocr text

if you are using citrix then use computer vision or native rdp automation

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thank you so much , i have almost followed the steps mentioned and it has worked for me.