Click Image Not working due to missing dll : 19.9.0

Trying to get confirmation ID from popup via using Click Image.

Its failing because of missing DLL error.( API-MS-WIN-CRT-RUNTIME-L1-1-0.DLL)

Studio Version 19.9.0 Stable Release

System Configuration

Tried installing various different KB* updates as suggested in other threads but some are not compatible and some are installed but not solving the issue.

Hi @kalpitmantri,
Can you check which version of .Net do you have?

Hi @Pablito
version Microsoft .Net framework 4.6.1.

Please try to download the latest .Net Framework and check if problem is still :slight_smile:

@Pablito Installed .Net 4.8 but still same problem persist .

Last thing what you can try is to uninstall Studio based on this topic:

Then you can install newer version from

@Pablito I tried doing that. Now I am not able to install UIPath Studio again.

It is failing with error : Faulted KERNELBASE.dll.

Its big blocker for me.
Also Tried with the latest setup exe file from UIPath Website.

Please help. I can’t do anything atm. image

@Pablito It was something to do with .NET 4.8.0 so I had to uninstall .NET 4.8 in order to get UIPath setup worked.

Now current working configuration is :
UIPath : 19.9.0
.Net : 4.6.2

but still getting the error of missing DLL while using Click Image.

Kernelbase.dll mostly means that you have problem with system. Please check official software requirements here:

There is information about possible incompatibility with Windows 7 in particular cases. Maybe this is the case here.