Click image is failing when trying to run BOT in unattended mode

Click image is failing when trying to run BOT in unattended mode. I am using unattended BOT in service mode. Still failing.

Have checked the ‘sendwindowmessages’ option in properties too.
Failing as below:


Any help?

Hey! have you cheked your selectors? if not try to change the selectors


I did. Same issue.

Uncheck the aaname and Highlight the selector and check where it is indicating!
if it is indicating where you are expected. no need to change the selector.
if possible show me the selector.


Also, make sure your Chrome extension is enabled, and Chrome is maximized and focused on. At times the image cannot be found due to sizing.

I am trying to use unattended BOT running in service mode. There is no selctor issue. Only thing is i guess its resolution issue.

That is related to the resolution.

Have you made any setting to adjust the resolution before it starts executing?

Refer to below link to create a bat file and execute it before starting the service.

How to change screen resolution using command line on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech


Instead of using Click Image try with normal click and check the Selectors, If there is any Pixel related selectors uncheck that and go with aaname only.

does sound like a resolution issue, maybe change the settings of the click image to make to make it less sensitive