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Hello and thank you in advance,

Please see the attached images. I have a case where if the first five characters of the Request Type is “Trace” AND if the Status is “Work In Progress” OR “Opened”, then I want UIPath to click on that row. I have variables tied to each of these places but I can’t figure out how to click on the row if both cases are true

I already have an If statement in place below which tests if these cases are true and then it clicks on another field and enters text there but before we get there I need to click on the row.

How do I do that?

Thank you

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I suppose If the table is web, perhaps you should use DataScraping and handle datatable from it as the following image.

Then, probably selector of the click activity can be used RequestID as rowName. Please use Selector Editor and/or Ui Explorer in detail.


Thank you, actually, I already had something remarkably similar to what you’ve presented. I am marking this as solved because this is what I did:

I created two click text activities and set both to continue on true = yes and I put the text “Opened” in one and “Work In Progress” in the other. It actually worked! Thanks for your help.

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