Click function failing in datascraping with for each row after 200 repetitions

I’ve made a datascraping RPA that scrapes the cheaper alternative from our supplier, we offer both products but we need a cross referencing list between the high end product and the low end product. This is a fully manual process of looking up each product and combining them. Problem is we have 40.000 products.

Therefore the RPA, now it works and does it’s job until somewhere between 200-300 searches, then the click function stops working, with error “Click ‘DIV’: Cannot get the screen rectangle of this UI node. A possible reason might be that the element is not visible.”

Underneath is my method


I don’t understand why this error is coming.

Hi @Mads_Hoxer_Larsen ,

I hope you have given max number of resultsvalue more than 1000


Hi @Mads_Hoxer_Larsen
which click div activity is going wrong? you have several that are called that?

The first one, but i found out that it was the website that timed out after around 300, so i made a navigate to at the end instead to refresh the website. Thank you to both of you.

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However it only writes 100 with my write range, i can see it makes more searches, but it seems it write over and over in the first 100 cells. Can you help me with this?