Click folder that has many occurrences and may not visible on screen (dynamically generated folders)

Hi Team,

I am automating SAP application and I have a requirement where I have to double click on a particular folder to get data.
No selector available or data scraping or screen scraping doesn’t work here.

Same folder name may occur multiple times and hence I have used “Double click Text” activity and stored occurrence into a variable

But we may need to scroll down to make this folder appear on the screen(Dynamic generated folders). As we don’t have simulate click property for “Double click Text” whats the solution here to move forward?

Any solution please?

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A right click with the simulate click property enabled would provide you with the dialogue box that you could then use hotkeys to select “open folder” . There may be other solutions if you would like to provide more information.

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Folder count is not fixed and it may have any number of occurences which is dynamic.

Hence I had to use Click Text activity by increment the occurrence count

But the issue is without scrolling -the folders may not be visible.

Cannot send fixed number of hotkeys like pgdown etc as its dynamic

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Right click is not enabled and its related to POS transaction inside SAP

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If you know how many pgdown it would take. You could set that to a variable and put pgdown in a loop that continues until it reaches that count. Would that work or am i not fully understanding?

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That’s what , we don’t know how many pgdown it needs, as it depends on the sub folders exists for each transaction that may vary from one to another

windows key + F does a search for files or folders. Could you do it that way?

Its a SAP application

control + F . There is a folder search option in SAP