Click Element in Word Document

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to reliably click an element on a word document. I tried using the image activities but it fails from document to document, considering that I have to loop over 50+ documents with this automation.

In short, I’m trying to double click the grayed out area (screenshot 1) to open up the form shown (screenshot 2). Thanks!


Hi! May be its not working due to wrong selector, you need to add some wildcard in selector. Because while each iteration the selector are different. So modifie the selector. It will work.

Thanks. However, the selector is not suitable for wildcards. Since it is driven solely by idx numbers which vary from document to document.

<wnd app='winword.exe' cls='OpusApp' /><uia idx='7' role='table' /><uia idx='20' role='item' />