Click dynamic selection on attached website

Hi All, I want to select the below check box dynamically in for loop. which variable will apply in the website in for loop ?

attached screenshot as per reference.

attched browser

Please help me on this?


I don’t understand what you want,
whether about loops or about clicks,
if you use for each row you will refer to the data table.
Other loops you can use while or do while.
Your selector now refers to the first record

HI @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah, Thanks for the prompt reply.

I need to click the selection dynamically?


To click dynamyc you can change the unique selector using the symbol ( * ),
but I’m not sure your current selector can work with this.
maybe you can replace the number (1) in your selector with ( * ).
if it doesn’t work, maybe you try the selector again and replace the unique code in the selector with a symbol ( * )

Hi @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah, Which condition I can take in for each or do while?


Actually, my requirement is

the employee having 2 duplicate names, I want to merge every employee and merge for this

when I choose for loop ( for each item in … asking some condition, which variable i can assign here???