Click checkbox?

I want to Click checkbox before text D3.


remark : I use indicate on UiExplorer it indicate all screen table

Please guide me about it.


if it indicates all screen table then you can use click image for it if you have to select D3 checkbox every time.
if it is dynamic then create relative selectors for it.

@ghazanfar How to indicate?
Because If I click image as below. It click text (D3) , But I want click checkbox.

Please guide me for solve it.

Hi @Maria99 ,

In click image you can set an offset for x and y coordinates. If you ensure that the robot will run in the same resolution in dev and prod environments you can check what is the x and y coordinates needed from the text D3 to the checkbox. Check the property tab for offset.

So robot will first find D3 but click -x coordinates on the check box.

We have used this technique close to 500000 times in one robot so rest assured it will work when your resolutions are same during development and production.

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Can you share me some more details?
can we create relative selector for this checkbox?
Create selector of D3 adjacent checkbox and share it.
If you can’t indicate checkbox on uiExplorer then share the selector of complete screen. Take screenshot of Explorer complete tree and share it here.

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@jeevith @ghazanfar I set offsetX = - 25.

It can click check box correctly.

Thank you for guide me.

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