Click Button, Close Windows, Close Application on Excel file closes other Excel files

I have this main.xaml that opens a specific excel file, it process it, goes to next process, opens another excel file, map the details, then close the excel file. Problem is, when I try to use click button on the exit, it also closes the excel file from the main.xaml. I tried to use close window and it clearly specifies the title of the second excel file, it is also the same in close application. Is there anyway to close an excel file other than these?

Hi @Shinjid

Have you tried kill process?




In that case pls use KILL PROCESS activity where mention as “EXCEL” in ProcessName property

This will kill the application and then place the next activity that you are using to open excel file

Cheers @Shinjid

I tried it, it works now. Thank you again for the help.

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It worked. Thank you.

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