Click button activity

I am trying to link a Windows Form to a reconciliation system for the user to upload files.
I used Open Application to open the form and Click Button to select a button “Upload” but I cannot link it to the activity Select File to open a dialog box.

Can anyone help me please?

@Feryial Can you share the screenshot after clicking upload button what is the ui

The uploaded file (an excel) should go in a datatable.

Here is my xaml and window form:

ReadingExcel copy (13.5 KB) Windows (72.7 KB)

@Feryial As of now studio access is not available so can you share the screenshot so it helps others also to provide solution


I need to ask the user to upload files and the system needs to compare the data and output matched/unmatched files

@Feryial If you click upload button I guess it allows to upload file there you can use type into activity or if user wants to upload the file than you can use select activity

@Feryial What are the errors that you encounter? :sweat_smile:

I used “Click Trigger” activity and it is now working thanks.
I am trying to read a textile and put it in a database using “Generate Datatable”.
My column are separated by spaces only. Can you help me on this?

text file:


@Feryial Can you send the Text File?

I included it as picture in the previous reply as I cannot upload text file here.

@Feryial If I need to work on the genearating dataTable part, I’ll be needing the File :sweat_smile: Are you Sure you can’t Upload the file?

Here you go I zipped it. Thanks a lot. (463 Bytes)

@Feryial Can you tell us the Total Number of Columns? :sweat_smile: There’s a bit of Confusion to identify the columns in text file

There are 23 columns.

@Feryial Sorry For the late reply, but this looks a little complicated, I am trying to achieve this using Regex method but i need some clarifications on the data in the fields :sweat_smile: If you already got a solution Please Share it

Yes I will share it if I can solve it thanks

@Feryial Can you tell me the maximum length of each Column , If the maximum length is sure , then i have a solution

I think it could be 20

@Feryial Alright I’ll send the workflow Once i finish the whole thing

Thank you so much!!