Click Button according to Condition


I need to click Group Currency Status and Local Currency Status as Reconciled if default value is Not Reviewed or NA

In above screenshot I need to click every value as Reconciled.
Thanks for the help.


Use Get Text activity and check with a condition using IF activity

Hope this helps you


Thanks for your reply.

By using Get Text I’m able to store only one value of Group Currency Status. How to loop through every value and Dropdown then click?

Same with Local Currency Status

p.s: Sometimes data spans across multiple pages. How to validate that time?

Is there a fixed amount of items on this screen? Are you scraping the datatable?
If you are scraping the data table, you can use for each to click the each item in the table when the associated value does not equal “reconciled”.

Hi Matt,

Yes ,Fixed Amount. But when I’ve tried to data Scrap. It doesn’t take the Updated Group Reconciliation Status. It always takes Group Reconciliation Status As this way

Not Reviewed Reconciled Not Reconcile

Not sure this will work, but if they all need to be the same “reconciled” why not just select that on all of them regardless of current status.

But If Group and Local Status is both Unreconciled , we don’t need to change that.
I’ve Tried this way-

  1. Scrap Data and Store it Output Data Table
  2. Foreach row in DataTable
  3. If Row(9).toString=“Not Reviewed” AND ROW(12).toString=“NA”

But this way it’s not working

Ho to do that all as “Reconciled” regardless of current status?

I was thinking if they were supposed to be reconcile, you could just cycle through all the selectors to set them to reconciled. Does the select item activity work? If not ,then you may have to do type into or something else.

It’s not working like that way.
So to Validate I have Prepared one excel sheet same as web page data but Group and Local Currency Status Changed. We need to select unique identifier like GL Account and that basis need to Change into Group and Currency Status.

Do you have any solution for this?