Click Between dates

Hi Guyz,

I have one date in excel, but on the screen may be the same date available or in less than 30 days any date available on the screen, if it shows in less than any date means we need to click that one.
For Ex: actual date: 05/30/2019 in the screen may be: 05/25/19 available - we need to click that one
How to achieve the same.

can you guys help me out on the same,



Use get text activity to get the date from the screen, convert the string to date format and then check the difference between the screen date and the date in the excel

If screen date is less then the date in the excel (current date) then click otherwise continue.


@gokulvasant forum query on date.xaml (9.0 KB) have a look at this buddy,let me know if any thing goes wrong.

Thanks for your code, but the thing is we need to click less than 30 days between…