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I have attached one excel file. Where I am using Excel mapping.
for example : with reference to excel attached

case 1 : if agency is Abaca then in order file , order value will be taken from C5 column. In this case order value will be “jkskd”

case 2 : if agency is Basava then in order file , order value will be taken from H4 cell .In this case order value will be “hsgg”. Here we are finding first cell value for “def” and then we are using offset values mentioned in excel mapping. For all values within inverted comma,
it will be taken as absolute value and we have to use row and column offset value.

We have thousand agencies in such a way.
Based on excel mapping we need to click on cell value and for absolute values (“”) we have to find its cell
address first and using offset values we then need to find final cell value and fetch that data.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.



Follow the steps

  1. In click activity first give innertext in selector and use variable in it
  2. Use a for each row in datatable
  3. Row.ByField("ColumnName").StringValuewill be the value you need….so first check if it is a cell number System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(Row.ByField("ColumnName").StringValue,"[A-Z]+\d+") this will give true when the value is a cell number els eit gives false
  4. On then side use in range
  5. On else side use find/replace first to search and then using next column values get the cell number and then use in range to get the value
  6. The output can be used in variable in the innertext


Thanks @Anil_G . I will try the mentioned steps and will update.

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