Click application

Hi, I want to try to open application on my dekstop screen. I already able to detect the file I want. However, when I use double click on the application, but its like drag the file.
So it is like we click the mouse, but we still hold the button.

any idea how to do this?

Hi @Raspi_Erwin

Are you using Click Image activity? Is it the same with SendWindowMessages property checked?

first I am using find image matches, then I am using mouse–>double click. Is there any other way?

Please try with Click Image with property Input - ClickType: CLICK_DOUBLE or Double Click Image (which has the double click by default). Select your application icon when Indicate image on screen.

What OS are you using?

i am using windows 10

I have tried.Untitled
still same.

@Gabriel_Tatu is this a known issue in Windows 10?

desktop icons on windows10 are not properly detected because support for Modern UI is still work in progress.
You ll find the same behavior with many native Win10 applications like calendar or calculator.