Click and drag the mouse in RDP

Hi all,
I’m working on a web application in RDP in which I want to click and drag the mouse to a particular element and copy that selected text. Can anyone please provide me the solution.

Hi @Shivaraju

You can use the Click Down/Up property of the Click activity:

If you click Down on an element, it should stick to the cursor and then you can click it Up on the element it should be dropped on :slight_smile:


Does it work for if I want to move from one window to other.

Hi @Kanamarlapudi_Pavan

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Yes, it should work even then.

Is it ok just using CLICK UP & CLICK DOWN without using Mouse hover action.? Becasue I tried but its not wokring. Just It clicking the image and hovering the mouse in target winodw where i supposed to drag my image.

If you are working with Remote Desktop, I would suggest using Keyboard strokes to select what you need. It is more precise.

I am not working on a remote desktop. Below is the screenshot has 2 windows side by side.
Here my objective is to move image_1.jpg from right to left window (Drag and Drop)

Attaching workflow I created. Please, provide any suggestions.

So you are not working in remote environment?

Again, i would try to use Hotkeys. You can select the certain item send Ctrl + C to copy the file, then move to the other location and use Ctrl + V to paste it.
Or you can use Move activity

I didn’t come across the situation that you are in, it is an interesting scenario, i will definitely try it when I have the time

Ya that seems to work, but here later stages left side one application will come instead of that folder view. This I am using as a testing just to create activity flow. Ctrl+V will not working in the target window where I supposed to move my image here, So any alternative without using shortcuts.

CLICKDOWN not able to stick the element. what can i do ?