Click Activity with Positive Response but not clicking

I have a case where the Click activity is giving me a positive response (it’s finding the link) but it’s not effectively clicking at the link.
To make the things worst, some times it works and some times it doesn’t.
It works 100% of the times in DEV and ACC environments but it breaks 90% of the times in PROD environment.
Did anyone have any clue on what that would be?

This is the selector:

<html title='**' />
<webctrl aaname='Recruiting Admin &amp; Management - Pre-Employment Tracking' />

I tried also Hovering over the item. Did not get any better. Same thing for all environments.
I tried also using the Interactive Workflow. Same thing.

PS: I can tell that the link is fully loaded to the screen.

When it does not work does it output an error ? Whats the error description…

Neither of the cases there are errors. All success.
The error comes from the next activity, which depends on the “click”.
The “click” itself doesn’t happen and RPA thinks that the link was clicked.

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So robot click on the selector you provided and then it throws an error?
Can you share a screenshot of the flow ?

This is the report:

This is the simple flow at this point:

statusReport is ALWAYS true.
Process is finding the link and, for the robot, it’s clicking. But in fact, it’s not clicking.

Does somewhere on that page exists more than one link with the same name ?

BTW on the selector you provided you have double wildcards inside ‘title’

No. And it works in other environments and in PROD some times.

Thanks. I’ll change that.
But I don’t think this might be causing the issue just because it works on other environments.
Not sure if this would be something with regards to environment configuration or setting.

the selector is always fix. Robot has to always click the same link ?
Can you please do inspect element of the link with UiExplorer and send the screenshot

Click activities problems rarely are. Its probably just an issue with the selector.

What is annoying me is that it works 100% of the times on UiPath and non-Prod environments. But it fails in Production. But not 100% of the times. I can’t determine a pattern.

Put the web based activities (like Click) inside attach browser after opening the browser.
The selector for this Click…just use select of the last one from the inspector ‘title’ and try it like that.
Dont use this ‘aaname’ use ‘title’ instead and try

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I see this to be a timing issue.
Many sites have all elements loaded. however basis some dependency, js later enables / disables the elements. Hence UiPath is able to find the element but the click doesn’t fail or even has any effect on the application.
solution here is to identify when the button element becomes responsive and only after that click it.
the reason it always works on lower environments is that they are faster on UI Switching as there is less data.
First very bad idea is to put a 5-10 sec wait before that click. That should be sufficient to make the button responsive.
Alternatively, you have to study your application closely to find what difference is there(Attribute wise) between an unresponsive element and responsive one. and then use that attribute in your selector.


I agree with @akhi_s27

also @LeoBit have you tried using different click options like Simulate click or SendWindowsMessage click etc…

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Thanks @Petar_Soce.
It was fixed by changing the selector to “title” instead of “aaname”.