Click activity waiting for execution to end

Hello, I am doing an automation in SAP GUI 740

Scenario: I use a click activity to Execute a transaction and to Download to Excel. In my click activity, I want to use the “Simulate Click” option to avoid unwanted interaction with the user.

The robot will wait for the transaction results to load for the “Run transaction” click activity (which is not a big issue) before moving on to the next activity in the workflow.
When using a Click Activity with “Simulate Click” for “Export to excel” the robot will also wait for the Save As window to close before moving on to the next activity. This is an issue that prevents my robot from working correctly.
It can be avoided by using the Hardware click. Send Window Message option does not work for the above cases. I set “Wait for Ready” to “None” for the click activity and for the activity that comes after it but nothing changed.
I came to the conclusions stated above by using the debugging mode. I tried several times to Step Over or Step Into, but the workflow would not move on to the next activity before the SAP Execution was finished.

Steps to reproduce: Click activity on “Export to Excel” in SAP 740

Current Behavior: Robot waits for the execution triggered by the click to finish before it moves on to the next robot (in my case the result of the click is the save as window. As long as the window is open, the robot will not move on)

Expected Behavior: Execute click activity then move on to the next activities in the flow

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: UI Path Studio version :2016.2.6274

Hi @PetreN,

Could you please advise, have you found the way to handle this?

I had the same problem
I figured it is because UiPath can not handle multiple synchronous activities
at the same time. See link below

you can use Hot keys to save file instead of Click activities

Hey there! I found the issue for the partially executing (working but not finishing ‘Click Toolbar Button’) was because SAP is rendering a popup window associated with the toolbar button. Therefor, the toolbar click isn’t executed until the popup is cleared. To fix this issue, please use a parallel as shown in the below image. On the left (executed first) you will click toolbar button. On the right, you will have a check app state, catching the popup, and if found - click the button to resolve the pop up.