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Could you please help us to solve this problem: how can we click on the specific location [x, y] on the desktop screen rather than using the search image to click.

For example: after I found the Status image x= 100, y=100

How can I click on the x=100, y=160 for the 3rd checkbox?

let point selector to the window/page
use ClippingRegion for the restriction

But working with clear selectors is more to prefer

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Hi @Matthew2 !
Have you tried to use Ui Explorer to see if it works with your environment ?
When you use it and indicate two elements (for instance your 1st box and your 2nd box), usually you find index in the selectors on the right (like rowIndex, or tableRow, or something like that.

If you want we can work together on making these selectors. To do so, you need to send us 2 screenshots of what gives you Ui Explorer after indicating 2 different elements (for instance box 1 and box 2)

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use the offset X property

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@ All: Thanks all
@jack.chan : Thank you, so if there is different location of the 3rd checkbox, I might need to use another Click Image activity and input the x;y? I have to use more than 1 click image activity if the position is different, may I ask?
Is it possible if you could send me a demo or example?
Thank you in advance

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lets say base height = 100 and the width between each checkbox is 20, and you want to click the 3rd checkbox then y= 100+(20x2), if you want to click the 2nd checkbox then y=100+(20x1)

i attached a workflow here (32.7 KB), you need open before you run it

and set the checkboxIndex, e.g. if you want to click 3rd checkbox, set checkboxIndex = 2,
if you want to click 1st checkbox, set checkboxindex = 0 and so on


Just to reiterate:

  1. set cursor position to top-left, set offsetX to a small value to shift it to top-center. then find the “base height” , base height = y offset of 1st (top) checkbox. (just play around with y-offset until robot clicks the 1st box)
  2. find distance between 1st and 2nd checkbox (again play around with y-offset)
  3. now you have a formula for clicking the nth checkbox
    yOffset = baseHeight + (n-1)*distance between each checkbox

Thanks very much

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