Click Activity not working when browser is minimized

I have a click activity with simulate click enabled. Since its an attended bot, I would like to have the browser minimzed and the bot perform all the activities inside the browser and the user can do their own work while the bot is running.
The click activity is’nt working or getting timed out when the browser is minimized. Only when I bring to foreground it works. Using a chrome browser in incognito mode.
Please advice.
Thank you

its more a case for PIP

Hi @sindhu_gururaj,

The reason is that, since the browser got minimized, all the browser elements are not in the running screen, so the click activity is unable to find the element on the screen. When the browser is maximized, all the elements of the browser are present because of that the click activity is able to identify the indicated element and was able to perform the process further.

So, to resolve this try to run the workflow through the PiP method.


Thank you everyone.
But open browser activity is giving me this exception “Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference.” when Run in PIP mode.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Refer to the below thread,



only in PIP mode am getting this Certificate error, I tried to click advanced and proceed manually, but each time the browser opens up its giving this error.
Without PIP it is not giving this error.
Sure will look at the post above.

Thank you so much


The reason for this error is due to the browser security has there might be some restrictions and not due to the UiPath.

This can be solved, just check this thread:

Hope so you’re issue will get sorted out.


Thank you . it worked


Great :v:.
Kindly, mark it as a solution which would be helpful to others for further reference.


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