Click activity is sometimes not working in the Orchestrator installed in the cloud environment


The robot is perfectly fine when running to the remote desktop and disconnect to the RDP while executing, but when we uploaded it to the orchestrator the click activity is sometimes working sometimes not. Please see the steps below on how we run the robot:

  1. Run the robot using orchestrator in the cloud environment
  2. Disconnect to the RDP after running and wait if the robot will process correctly even if it is disconnected.

I would appreciate if you could help me out.

BTW our license is unattended.


Hi @cherry.bauyon17

Before performing click activity did u try to validate it with element exist activity


You’re probably interfering with it by being connected then disconnecting. Don’t do this. Just run it and let it run, there’s no reason for you to connect to the RDP session. Let Orchestrator do its thing.