Click activity is Simulating Click only on the first instance

This is so weird. I’m using a click activity to click something and the input mode is Simulate which works fine. However, the click is inside a For Each loop and it only Simulates click on the first instance of the activity. From the second loop it’s acting like a Hardware event and taking my mouse.


Did we try with windows message option as input mode
Cheers @daqc

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I tried but it’s still the same, the problem only seems to persist when I use the “Modern” click activity. It’s fine on classic but the classic click activity is not recognizing certain elements so i’m relying on the Modern one.

Hi @daqc ,

Use classic activity instead of modern and inspect with AA mode.

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Classic and modern experience differs with just the features and not the performance
Performance remains same where as modern one has all in one roof like all set of features in one activity
So it’s fine to go with normal - classic CLICK activities

Click activity can be made more reliable with its selectors and attributes in it
Make sure we are including as much as stable attribute and less of dynamic attributes
Even if dynamic attributes can’t be neglected replace with Wildcards

And to make it even more better try enabling Simulate click or send window message and change the WaitForReady property as None so that bot won’t till the element is getting loaded completely

Cheers @daqc

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Yep the classic activity works just fine. I really wonder why the modern activity changes properties on subsequent loops though.

@Palaniyappan mentioned is true, not sure why modern is failing for your case.
You can debug later just enjoy the classic activity :grinning:

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