Click activity is not working to toggle button ON & OFF in chrome (Uipath's Orchestrator turning license ON and OFF buttons)

I want to be able to turn toggles of Machines’ license ON & OFF in orchestrator (for reference, this settings page is available in Orchestrator → Tenant-> License → Production (under See More))

Based on whether they’re currently being used or not (if used -1, if free 0) so that i can routinely on a weekly basis Log-into that VDI/Remote desktop through window’s RDP to send a restart command to it as a part of maintenance without letting orchestrator assign jobs to the PCs that are restarting.

Please suggest even if there’s any other alternate approach. I tried basic Click activity using indicate element and CV click within a CV scope, both didn’t work.

Hi @Hariram_Narayanan

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You can try using orchestrator API’s for this

API Reference - API References


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Thanks for the answer Anil, can you share any implementation of the same?


From the api reference you can see the swagger file which will have full details about the api input format and all…if that is what you are looking for

Orchurl + swaager/index.html would give you the way it has to be used

This is the activity where you will pass those api requests in process


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Thanks for the recommendation will use it and get back.

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