Click activity is not working on link in Frame

Hi I am new to Ui Path, I am trying to automate phone bill from web site and save into excel. While doing this task when I am using click activity to expand “Wireless” panel, it is not working. Please check below image for “Wireless” panel.

Could anybody please tell what should I do to expand this menu?

Thanks in Advance!!

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How do you expand that field manually?

@SH26 - if you are certain that the selectors you have selected are correct, try checking “Simulate Click” from the Click activity’s properties panel.

More details here:

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Did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity
Before that try enabling simulate click property of click activity and try once else click image will work for sure

Cheers @SH26

This is expanding manually by single click

Click Image Activity worked with correct selectors.

Thank You All!!


@SH26 - could you please mark @Palaniyappan’s comment as Solution. Thanks!

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