Click Activity in web page

I am trying to click all “show all” button in this page. but getting error

Hi @Arun_Chithiraipandia - What is the error that you received? Which activity you have used?


1 2 3 4

There is no “ShowAll” button in the URL which you have just shared.


there will be more buttons (Show All). the work flow which i wrote is working but throwing a error

@Arun_Chithiraipandia - Use this selector in your Click activity -

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘CRCW0402475RFKED by Distributor - OEMsTrade’ /
webctrl aaname=‘Show All’ /

Include <> symobls accordingly


getting error

Use it within “”


Put string in double quotes and also make it single line. It should work.


I guess it is because of title attribute in the selector. Could you please make it dynamic selector by using “*”.

By using click Activity click two show all buttons. And then compare both selectors and find what attribute is changing. Based on that make it dynamic by passing variables into the selector or use wild cards like ‘*’.

Not able to understand, can you help me on this please

even same error
Source : Click
Message: The selector is not valid
Exception Type : Uipath.core.invalidselectorexception

is there any solution for this ?

Try the following selector:

<html title='* by Distributor - OEMsTrade' />
<webctrl aaname='Show All' parentid='list*' tag='A' idx='1' />

still same error

Well, I tried that above selected in a simply click activity (“simulate click” property activated) and it worked without any issue.
Open a new process in Studio, use only one click activity and insert the above select in that click activity and try it out on your webpage. It works without any issues.

yes working, but i having multiple “show all” option.

it should click all option. the selector which you given is doing for 1st one

I did a while Loop with a click activity, with that same selector, and all of the boxes have been clicked :slight_smile:

can you share it