Click Activity in duoble names

their a name = peter john john in excel sheet
i want to click the same name but in click activity name is =peter john only no 2 johns
how can i make it work

hi ,

Can we have click activity selector please to do some research


2 i got this name and i have to click it
but in the name only one john what can i use for that



please try below steps

hope you are already reading the excel and looping through it

  1. Use get text and save the “peter john” from the site in a output variable say “Name_site”
    2.Use if activity and the condition will be “row.item(“Names”).contains(Name_site)”



@shaikmdrafi thank your reply
in here if excel name is =johon johon
and link name johon
do it click

or Can you give me a exsample