Click activity giving Uipath core element exception even though selector is correct

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Ok, now we need more details. What activities fail, what apps you are automating and so on

I am building a bot of fecthing outlook mail and processing its attachment and resending again outlook mail.
In this process the outlook is throughing me a dialog box, and i need to click allow for it fetch mail and send mail.
earlier my click activity was working fine from past 2 days it is throwing exception like
Incorrect_certificate.xaml (10.4 KB)

PFA contains the bots with click activity which is throwing exception,if i keep on running my bots regularly this wont occur.But if i keep my bots untouched for sometime, like this it will happen and again i need to change all this activities.
Can u please help me with this.

Thanks inadvance
Shrungaexample.xaml (12.3 KB)

So the click on the Outlook pop up box is sometimes failing? What is the error?

Message:The UiElement is no longer valid
Exception: InvalidUiElement Exception

Above is the error exception i am getting.



Gone through the example.xaml. The Click activity’s selector has ctrlid and this may not have the same value every time you open Outlook. Check out if you make the selector without ctrlid.