Click Activity for Local Software, not picking up specific elements

I am using Insight Reporting Software where I am writing a process to open report and change a few fields before exporting into excel.

When I use the click activity, it does not recognize each option on the top panel as an element. I understand there is an OCR method but its not very reliable since the smallest change on the screen might lead to an error.

Does anyone know of an alternative solution to read specific options on the screen.

If it have any text, try using Click text activity.

Try Click Image activity if none of those works.


When the application is build with multiple form elements inside a main form element, each form element will be considered as one group and the elements inside that form will not be accessible directly. As you mentioned, image automation comes into picture.
For a successful automation, try,

  1. Figure out all the shortcut keys in the application and try accessing elements with those shortcut key.
  2. Use click element or element accessible activities
  3. Use click text or text related activities
  4. Select the nearest accessible element and then use shortcut keys(up, down, tab, left, right) to reach the element you want to access.
  5. Use click image or image related activities.

Hope this helps.

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