Click activity errors

Hi all, i am work in Linked and i want search People with some criteria. But when i use click activity to click a button “People”, Studio give me an error “Index was out of range. Mus be non-nagative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: Index”. Any one can give me solution? Thank for advance.
This is button i want to click :grinning:

I had tried it now. Im getting the same error. Try using click image

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yeah, i am also use click image and it work for me.

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I think it is because of the page layout. Because of that not getting proper selectors. :slight_smile:

yeah, i see the selector with name is " < dummy />", maybe structure of Linked page not present all Selector for user. Thank you for advance.
I met a problem about tab of chrome, i want to open a a link in new tab and switch to new tab, could you have any idea for this ?

they dont have particular activity in UiPath to do that. But you can refer this

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