Click Activity doesn't work in web application

what should I do if the Click Activity doesn’t automatically clicks on the web application?

what might be the problem

and the problem I’m facing now I Submitted about 6 assignments on RPA advanced the Calculate Client Security Hash and i still haven’t gotten the results can you also help in the too?

@Gugu_Khoza_Lubanzi_ICT_Co What error are you facing?

could you please share the screen shot, it is easily to identify the error.


i added a click activity to that it automatically clicks on the login button

the login button doesn’t click well I used a click activity for it, but once it enters the User Name and Password and the cursor goes to the LOGIN button and get

hi @Gugu_Khoza_Lubanzi_ICT_Co

Instead of click you can use the send hot key activity and mention on click, its easily identify.


thank you so much I’m on it


thank u :slight_smile:

if it worked mark the solution and close this

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