Click activity default property not working


I have been using click activities without any of its properties checked i.e. SendWindowMessages and SimulateClick. It was working fine. But, recently, it has started generating error message that says ‘Click Generic Error’. And when I check any of the properties, then it starts working normally. Can anyone please explain me why I am having to select anyone of the properties? Thanks


There might be a chances that the selectors are changing\dynamic
Could you please try below

  • Verify the selector (you can highlight the element to check if its trying to access the right element)
  • Use Element Exists or Find Element before click
  • Keep your activity inside retry scope

Please let me know if any of above helped you. If not, is it possible for you to share your code snippet and details of application(type of application used)


I tried all of your suggestions but it still shows a click generic error unless I check either sendwindowmessage or simulateclick property. But in some cases, there’s no any error even if any of those properties are not selected. I am currently working on desktop automation and web automation.


HI @suwalruchan365,

can you send the screenshot and what selector are you using?

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:


I have attached a screenshot herewith.