Click activity considers multiple elements as one

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I’m working with a programme which has a couple of windows with interactive tables (as you can at the photo). Another visible thing is range generated by using Click activity. UiPath cannot distinguish one element from the table.

Do you have any idea what I can do to make it work? To force UiPath to choose/highlight just one element from the table?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if it requires complicated operations


Hi @Piotr_Murawski ,

You can try with Active Accessibility mode.

Hi @ermanoj3101,

thank you for your quick comment!

I did what you suggested, unfortunately it didn’t help. Do you have any other ideas?

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Hi @Piotr_Murawski ,

What exactly you want to do once cell get clicked ?


To every cell buttons are assigned (UiPath distinguishes them and can click them as well). Once a cell is clicked I have multiple options which I can choose to carry on with my automation.
This particular problem with cells stops me from finishing the process I’ve been working on

It’s tricky as without accessing portal i also can’t be a 100 % how to achieve this,but still you can try to click on header and then press down may be it will activate the cell.

No a best approach but still you can try if their is no other options.
Wait for other reply they might help you.
Which application you are automating ?


Thank you for your help so far!
This method (if I understood correctly) does not work either.

I totally understand but the app I’ve been working with is an polish accountant application developed by small company. I believe I cannot share it as it works only with clients data.

Maybe distinguishing a cell can be done using Python script, connecting to app source code?

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So if I understand correctly the application is on the desktop? ( ie standalone, not accessed through a browser ).
Is it a java app by any chance? Maybe you need an package installed?

Hi @MarinAlexandru,

Thanks for your reply. It is a standalone desktop app indeed. Not sure is it java app. Couldn’t find a way to check this out

I’ve installed the packed you recommended but still click activity does not see particular cells :frowning:

So after you click, there is a dropdown list and UiPath sees that list as a whole element instead of individual choices? How does the selector (for that range ) look if you inspect it with UiExplorer?
Maybe also try to install the java extension from UiPath studio like here


Thanks for your help so far!

Java extensions didn’t help.

It’s not a dropdown list. This list is simply there all the time. Headers are just to indicate the column and some of headers allow sorting A->Z nad Z->A

Back to UI Explorer

I’ve been working on it and I managed to make it highlight first cell. And that’s all. Dynamic selectors didn’t work - see below Screenshots from UI Explorer:
a) default

Based on those classes it looks like this app uses some sort of framework like this one:
Yes, its XBase++ - Wikipedia

All I see there is that idx that could maybe point to a specific cell?
Seems like a very unfriendly app to automate using UI alone ( or maybe there isn’t a package yet for it ).
You could also try Screen scraping for Desktop and see if it generates some useful info?

If nothing else works you could also try to interact directly with the database, like so, but it seems it is not a free option unfortunately :

Hi Piotr, after you have clicked the cell (range of cells) are you able to try using sendhotkey right and then left again to see what happens, if it then reverts to one cell selected maybe you could use the keyboard to select items.

Thanks for your next tips. This might help with this app but I just found a feature in the app which allows me to look up a certain value in a row (something close to Ctrl+f). So far it seems to fulfil its duty.

Will check your idea in a future.

Best regards!

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Hi @roy_r,

thank you for your contribution to my question.
Your tip does work! Yet it does not allow me to look up a particular value which is crucial for my automation.

Thanks again! Best regards :slight_smile:

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Are you able to simply use ctrl-c to copy the value of that cell into a variable to do the check?