Click Activity Cannot identify Email/Password Combo not correct message box

Hi Experts,

I am doing the RPA Advance course, but my question is probably a more simple one.

When trying to use the Click activity to identify a click for the OK button after an incorrect Email/Password combo (see image below) message, I cannot identify the OK button. Instead it only recognises the whole window. I know that the Chrome extension is working because I can identify the individual components when this message is not displayed.

I have also tried other browsers and the same result occurs. Can you help?



Use imageexists activity.

Hi @Aston_Wray

Please try to use Send Hot Keys activity, and send Esc or Enter key see if that works.


Hey @Aston_Wray

With Chrome and Mozilla you will get this but with Internet Explorer it will work out.

The Thing is - Acme Site is using javascript Alert so in Chrome and Mozila you will not be able to get it.

but to show even Js alerts internet explorer uses same window classes for alert like system dialogs so you will get easily selectors to deal with this alert box.


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Ok thanks Akshay.

Worked in IE!

If I have time will test the other suggestions for the other browsers (Chrome/Edge).

its not working in ie

in IE also it is not e=resolved