Click accuracy when Excel/Sap is minimized



I am using SAP and Excel for a process. When SAP/Excel is minimized the Click activity does not the work and the process terminates. Is it possible to use click even when excel/sap are minimized?


What are you trying to click? If you are trying to click Excel/SAP then it will not work as the click looks for a selector and then clicks it’s screen location. It must be visible to click.


I am filling a form in sap and some basic operation in excels (toolbars)


In that case then SAP/Excel needs to be open and visible to be able to use clicks on them. You can use minimise and maximise activities to control these are make sure that you attach the programs before your activities.



Hi there @arathi,
Both Simulate And WindowsMessages Input Methods support background operation.

You can find the option for these in the properties panel:



Dear Josh

At beginning, I was using click function but sometime the program was unable to click. I tried it using properties panel :P.
Now, I am using hotkey to solve this problem but it can be really annoying when you are grazing from one end of sap to another :P. That’s why I have posted my problem.

Thanks in Advance


Hey jakelewis

they are active when needed. Please go through the comment below.