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Hey guys,

I’m new to uipath but I think it could help me out with automating a process I was looking forward to automate for a long time now but this is a little bit tricky so I split my problem in 2 halfs. Lets start with the first:

I open a citrix application, and after that I get a view on a list of clickable images with different colors. It looks like this:


After image click, a popup opens with several info that I text scrape. I managed to scrape all these infos and save them in variables already. The idea that I miss is a loop that clicks through the images after every nifo-popup. Do you have an idea?


Could you add a screenshot containing the [i] [i] [i]?
I have attached a sample that uses Find Image Matches activity.
You need to check how sensitive it is to color changes and try to tune the Accuracy property.

MultipleImages.xaml (7.2 KB)

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hi badita,

thanks for your reply. I uploaded one of the green info images but please note that there can also be other colors. I downloaded your provided xaml and now I will have a look at it to see if this can help. thanks so far!

edit: to multiple colors: i think this should be no problem since I simply can redo this method for other colors.

Now I tried your solution and the result is that it only clicks one image once and then its done. I tried to adjust the accuracy value from 0 - 100 while zero doesnt find anything but 100 clicks one image of a dozen ones available on screen.

e2: I didnt put the click process to the body so this is the reason why it just clicked one image for once. Now when I put my process under body of your foreach-loop it keeps clicking the same image instead of clicking one by one. It seems I need a way to exclude the last clicked image.

I guess foreach-item means that all available images will be count and if there are like 10 images viewable on screen then the loop will repeat 10 times?!

Thank you lot… it worked for me

This works for multiple images that look similar. Is there a way to “parameterize” click image? Example: I have a collection of images saved in a directory and I want my automation to click image for each of the images it finds in that directory. (Using a citrix application as well). Thanks!

You could loop your directory files and inside foreach

Dim image1 As Image = Image.FromFile(“c:\Image1.jpg”)

pass image1 into “Image Exists” Image property

if True

perform Click Image

Thanks for the quick response… that makes sense, but UIPath will not accept image1 in the Image property because it is an array. I receive the error "Value of type ‘System.Array’ cannot be converted to ‘UIPath.Core.Image’. My Foreach is defined as Foreach item in System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(“Directory”)

Its System.Drawing.Image,

Inside foreach


This worked :slight_smile:. Thank you very much!