Clic in specific link with the multiple same "link" in the webpage

I have two question:
In the following table of the META web page

I have several ads, and I need to download an xlsx file, for each ad. In order to download the excel of an advertisement I must click on “Potential customers” in the result column.

I need to be able to do:

  1. Being able to download the excel of a specific announcement, that I select. The problem is that when clicking on “Potential Clients”, the RPA does not click, because several “Potential Clients” appear on the screen, and it does not know how to identify which one to click on.
  2. Being able to download the excel of all published ads. For that, it is necessary that for each ad, click on “Potential customers”, until the total number of ads is finished. Since there can be 10 active ads, we can have 100 active ads.


If you want to click on each then please use for each ui element activity and indicate the required link…then it clicks on each link of that type

If you want to do on specific as well…there are filters you can use in that…or there are other methods like first get the row number of required row using the ad name and then use the row number to click on the corresponding link


When the “leads” link is clicked for each ad, the following appears.

There we must click on Downloads

Next, I show how it appears to me when I select with a click.

Duplicate matches found


Please refine your selector…

For each ui elments idea is to click similar elements with minute differences…try refining your selector that is needed


If you need all…just identify the first element and make it generic and use idx property to increment and click on each row element which is of similar type

Eg: <webctrl tag='SPAN' aaname='Cliente potential in Facebook' idx='{{varindex}} />

This is how the selector looks…it might differ and thos is for illustration

Then if you use varindex as a variable and increment it in loop then for each index clicks oneach link


Hello, I already understood this part, when I change from fuzzy selector to strict selector .

Eg: <webctrl tag=‘SPAN’ aaname=‘Cliente potential in Facebook’ idx='{{varindex}} />

but i don’t understand this
Then if you use varindex as a variable and increment it in loop then for each index clicks one each link

Would you have any workflow that I can use as a guide? or an image of the workflow?
It doesn’t matter if the workflow is from another web page. It would help me a lot to guide me.

i can see there some unique numbers for each download , scrap the data and iterate over the scrapped data and pass the variable inside selector which you scrapped ,


Just an example project for you… In this I used for loop with 10 as max…you can use while loop and can go on till any number and to know last either use try catch and end loop or use check app state and end the loop using break

BlankProcess - Copy (4).zip (8.1 KB)


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