Clic Activity not Triggering on the target point

I am working on a HR application automation. The application is desktop based .NET application with complex screen components.

When i am doing the report export function in the application. Bot failed to click on the target point. the complication is it is a single button with a small arrow on left.
if we click the arrow a dropdown will come and we can select the format of report from the list.
when we click on the button instead of the arrow, it is triggering the click and by default the system is downloading in pdf format. But I need to select XLSX format from the list and download.

please see the screenshot of the button

please help me how can I click the arrow button with out fail. I have highlight the arrow in click activity but, after i click on validate button it showing red color in validate button.

when I click on arrow this is the dropdown should come. but when bot trigger click activity the dropdown list is not appearing.

Hi you can use click image activity there, then you will select the child element,this is the first solution
Second solution is you can use select item activity there and indicate the drop-down and you can see all child active and select one of them.
Hope this will help you.
Happy automation

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Click image Activity works well. Thanks…

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