Clear string value using for each activity


I’m trying to clear all the variables using for each loop.
But the variables are not getting cleared…

Please help to clear this :slight_smile:

Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

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@Abhishek_Changan which type of variable clr is?

String[ ]

This will help. index is int variable

Main (1).xaml (6.8 KB)


Hey @KanadMehta,

Thanks for quick reply…
But this is giving the same answer as previous…(Variables are not getting cleared)

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It will clear your String array, not individual variables. You need to clear them manually.

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Than what needs to be done, to clear all the variables?

I’ve 12 variables and have to clear them many times…

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Why clear them. Reassign value as per requirement

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@Abhishek_Changan Please refer to below answer
The loop variable element is a read-only variable that contains a copy of the value of the array element, which is a variable . It is not an alias to the array element variable.