Clear Get full text

I have a question I am using Get full text activity and I wanna clear data from it before I am using hear. How I can do that. The output from get full text is generic type. If I change in DataTable I need change everything else. I try with assign Output=New Data Table, but is there a different way haw to clean generic value?


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Week we cannot change the type of get full text as a datatable as it gives only generic or other primitive types

And may I know why we need to use if we are trying to clear the output of get full text

Kindly elaborate the scenario that could help us to go in a right direction
Cheers @Tinkerbell

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Do one thing. Create one String variable and place it before Get Full Text and assign like.

varFullText = String.Empty

And then store output of Get FullText Activity into this variable.

You can set variable which is an object to = Nothing, then your generic type value will be emptied
or do it in a right way, changing value type to String and then use string.empty to erase content