Clear all cells in excel sheet without deleting sheet

I need to clear all the cells in an excel sheet before writing a range back to the same sheet. The data is dynamic so there will be a different number of cells each time the bot runs. I tried delete range but I am not sure how to make it dynamic. Is there a way to do this? or maybe using some vb code?

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Hi @kasey.betts,

Use a Read Range activity ( first, which will return a DataTable as output.

Then, use an Assign activity to store the number of rows that the DT has (yourDataTable.Rows.Count)

Finally, when you use the Delete Range activity (, concatenate your last column with the varaible that has the number of rows.

Example: "A2:Z" + numberOfRows.toString

If the number of columns is also dynamic, let me know. Then, I share another possible solution.

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Thank you for this! The number of columns may also be dynamic.

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Hi @kasey.betts

Ok, so…

After reading the range and storing the number of rows, store the number of columns too (yourDataTable.Columns.Count)

Then, you can use this trick to convert a number to its respective letter and store it:

Finally, concatenate everything in the Delete Range activity. Example: "A1:" + lastColumnLetter + (numberOfRows+1).toString

Hope it helps you.

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