Cleanup loginPortal?


https: // cloud . uipath . com / portal_ / existingaccount

My loginPage (above) contains several broken entrys.
Is there a way to clean up this mess?
If possible I would like to get rid of all the wrong entrys.

Hi @bjorn2390, can you please let us know what do you mean by “broken” entries?
You don’t want to use some of the organizations anymore? Or is it smth not working for you?

If you want to request the deletion of an organization you can do so at the below link, but I’d be curious to understand what issues were you encountering :slight_smile:

I guess some of these is due to typo’s.
Mistakes during logging in.
They contains my user name or user emails, but with misspelling.

Got a bit frightened by your answer. Maybe the best thing is to overlook the mistakes and let them stay as they are.

I don’t want to end anything :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Just wanted to tidy up :slight_smile:

@bjorn2390 no reason to get scared, just here to help you get the desired outcome :slight_smile:

If some of the orgs you’ve created were created by mistake, there is no prb if you request their deletion to clean up your screen.

If that is the case, just make sure you ask for deletion only for the ones you’re not using so you don’t lose any data.

Let me know if you have questions :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for helping me out.
After clicking the Authorize button, I’m asked to sign in.
Is this part of this operation? The URLs I want to delete is not mine. This means I don’t have the login belonging to the false accounts.

Should I log in with my valid account for this matter?


You can request the deletion of an organization with the condition you are an admin in that organization.
If you are the admin, yes you should login with your that email.
if not, you’ll need to ask an admin to make the deletion request (or ask for admin rights and then you can request yourself).

Okay, @Raisa_Bragarea . I tried to request the deletion of an organization, named navahbdgig. This is unknown to me, but to certify the authorization, I logged in with my legit account data (user + password). It worked:
Again, my heart is pounding. Will this lead to some of my legit account information to be deleted? I’m still not feeling safe around this.

Worried regards :scream:

Hi @bjorn2390 you can only request the deletion of an org that you are an admin of.

I’m not sure I understand how you are member of an org that is unknown to you. You can become an org member if you create the orgs (case in which you are also admin), or if someone else invited you and you’ve accepted that invite.

You can log in in the orgs you have access to with your user account but that you don’t want to use anymore and:

  • if you are an admin of that org, you can request its deletion
  • if you are not an admin of that org you can see who the admin is and ask them to remove you from that org

When you’ve logged it to request the deletion, we verified your user account. With this user account you can be part of multiple orgs, as we can see from your print screen above. If you’ve requested the deletion of an org you are not an admin of, our teams should not honor the request, but if you are admin, that org will be deleted.

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