Cleansing the Orchestrator Queue between jobs


I have a monthly job which puts files into the queue and then works through them, and I’m currently uses Unique references, however they’re only unique per month, ie, one file will always be called Dashboard.xlsx. Obviously next month this file won’t be able to be added to the queue so I am looking for solutions and the ones I can think of are:

  1. Delete all transactions in the orchestrator queue to start from a clean slate (also if they want to rerun the job that month this would be useful)
  2. Adding a timestamp to the reference (which is the filename) to get it unique, however would this be fiddly to remove later on when working with the files?
  3. Remove the need for a unique reference, but unsure if this is opening a can of worms or not.

I can’t find a way for number 1 to work, as it only removes New Items, which these wouldn’t be, and 3 seems dodgy, so I assume I have to go with 2, but any pointers would be great please.


here instead of removing all items from queue you can set transaction status, so set transaction status

next time you can filter your search based on status and start working on the transaction items.

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So I should set status to New and then remove the “New” ones?

That also works:)